Aerosol Burns is a weekly party thrown by Mike/TMU and DJ Catalyst from the Happy Birthday Hideout. The party is every Saturday at Boogaloo in Williamsburg Brooklyn located at 168 Marcy Avenue. We have bands every week as well. Boogaloo is a really cool spot and it is very small: it only holds about 150 people max. We like the fact that we can have cool bands in such a small place, and the bands like to play in a relaxed environment where there are no annoying bouncers or security telling you that you cannot stand outside the club and hang out or any other insane "rule" these idiotic clubs throw in our faces. Plus we don't haggle with bands over guest list spots and we don't make them buy their drinks at a discount. The bands get 100% of the door as well. We don't keep a penny, unlike every club in the world. The atmosphere is mellow: no stage, no attitudes, no bullshit. We are trying to bring back the basement show vibe...The doors are at 11PM, and the shows are usually $5 and it usually goes really late. Mike/TMU and Catalyst spin records throughout the night. Sometimes Dan Selzer joins in for hot 3-way action. Sometimes we have special guests...Elfboot does all the flyers. Check out our shows and flyers so far:

Week 1:
December 6, 2020
Ghost Exits

Week 2:
December 13, 2020
First Lady Of Cuntry and the Cunts (members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Blood On The Wall
(The Tallboys were supposed to play but had to cancel last minute due to illness)

Week 3:
December 20, 2020
TK Webb

Week 4:
January 3, 2020
Teeth Of The Hydra
Painting Soldiers

Week 5:
January 10, 2020

Week 6:
January 17, 2020
Mike and Elfboot split birthday party
The Rogers Sisters
Tracy and the Plastics
Guest DJ Dan Selzer

Week 7:
January 24, 2020
The Coachwhips
The Seconds

Week 8:
January 31, 2020
Painting Soldiers

Week 9:
February 7, 2020
Mazing Vids

Week 10:
February 14, 2020
Measles Mumps Rubella
Psychic Ills

Week 11:
February 21, 2020
Les Georges Leningrad
The Gossip (suprise set)

Week 12:
February 28, 2020
Mommy and Daddy

Week 13:
Tall Boys
The Affair
Pearls And Brass
(The Tall Boys cancelled again)

Week 14:
The Coachwhips
Oxford Collapse

Week 15:
The Dying Light
Miracle Of Birth

Week 16:
Fitz returns!
A Place To Bury Strangers

Week 17:
The King Cobra

Week 18:
Double Leopards

Week 19:
90 Day Men
We Regazzi

Week 20:
Casual Dots

Week 21:
Made In Mexico (former guitarist of Arab On Radar)
Athletic Automation (former guitarist of Arab On Radar)

Week 22:
Cordero (special birthday show)

Week 23:
Unearthly Trance
How We Lost the War

Week 24:
The Fall
The Plants (members of !!!, Measles Mumps Rubella)
Thee Snuff Project (members of Measles Mumps Rubella)

Week 25:
Glass Candy
The Flesh
Sharon Cheslow & Coterie Exchange w/ Die Yellow Swans

THE FALL show was reviewed on the Fall website's message board. Classic shit! Here's the good stuff:

The Boogaloo bar is an inappropriate venue for a Fall show. It could in no way accomodate the number of people there to see the show. Williamsburg Brooklyn appears to becomming the new "HIPSTER" place to be, and the bar was filled with young hipsters who seemed to me to be the sort who must just go to this bar all the time irregardless of what band was playing, or even if a band is playing.

I fear that the waiting outside in the low temperature and the cigerette smoke in the bar seems to have aggrevated my feeling that I'm fighting off an impending cold. The bar patrons seemed rather inconsiderate. SOme of the people were really "posey" and others seemed to have been more at home in a sex club than a Fall gig. Many boys and girls kept going into the bathrooms together to have sex. I'm not talking boyfriends and girlfriends either, I'm talking about random strangers hooking up. I know this because (unfortunaley) the stage was right next to the bathroom and these inconsiderate couples kept hitting me in the head with the bathroom door. One girl got her boy off in a very speedy amount of time, which provoked another girl to congratulate her, before she herself led her male companion into the bathroom. Then the people began pressing on me and pressing on me and I began to feel like I could not take it anymore. I began to feel stifled for air, which of course was the signal for even more people to light up cigerettes. I hate when they just hold them in the air with the ash pointed at my face. I had to retreat from the stage area. Let me just say right here that I use the term "stage area loosley.

There was no stage. Only a back room seperatled by the main mar space by a circular arch. At one point I was pressed into the circular arch and burned by the lightbulbs inside of it. This made me very sad. But sadder still was the music selection played by the DJ. All he played was house music disco shit of the worst order. I was particularly offended by the insipid record that went "On The East Coast, We Sure Know How To Par-tay! On The East Coast, We Sure Do Know How To Par-tay!" At that point, I regret to say, I began to have a fantasy of randomly stabbing bar patrons with a steak knife. That's when I knew i couldn't stay up by that stage area anymore.

There were tow opening bands. Okay nothing earth shatteringly great. When the Fall finally went on the wall of people blocked all eyesight . I saw nothing of the band. Ron says at one point he saw the tippy-top of Mark's head. You could hear them, but the wall of people also blocked a lot of the sound. The set was only 7 songs long. I did not hear ELenor at all. They played Green Eyed Loco Man, Open The Box, Mere Psued Mag Ed, a new song that reminded me of Guest Informant, because it had that same sort of rolling quality, and similar chord progression , I think, At first I even though it might have been a new version of Guest Infromant, but only for about a second or two...It was clearly evident that it was a totally new song. Then they played a rockin' Spatra FC, an enrtrancing Mountain Enegeri, and MR. Pharmacist ended the set. Mr. Pharm was a little off at first but the band quickly corrected itself and it was great. Then it was over.

a few People were yelling for more. But there was no encore. Aparently this was only supposed to be a brief showcase, not an actual gig. Some sort of man crawled through the crowd into the dj area and started shouting. "Where's the DJ. Where's the fucking DJ?" I said to myself..."Oh no, not HIM again!" But the dj was gone. The man attempted to turn the turntables on and he kept crying out "how do I work this thing? Fuck! I don't know how to work this friggin' thing." Finally, this strange man got the turnatble to operate and the disco music came on. Like Pavlov's dogs, the music seemed to be a signal to the crowd that the show was over. I heard two boys behind me talk about how they were going to a "House Party" somewhere in the neighborhood. Another guy and girl began shoving their tongues down each other's throats two inches from my face. I was like "get me out of this hell"

I went back outside of the bar. We encountered Hilda again who'd been seperated from us. It turned out she squeezed herself to the front so she could at least see the band. The first thing out of her moth was "Isn't this a hideous club?" We wholeheartedly agreed. Micheal Pinto urged me to write a review for the message board, which I am doing right now!


Everone agreed we had a great time, because we enjoyed each other's company and loved the band, but we doubted that we'd ever want to be subjected to the so called "atmosphere" of the Boogaloo bar ever again. Too icky-trendy.