MEGABLADE NEWS straight from Dennis' mouth...

FALL 2005

September 28 marks the release of Growing's third proper release "His Return" LP/CD, it's 3 startling/epic songs, with vocals entering the fray in what can only be called...great! As some of you may have seen, GROWING tour often, recently playing Arthur Fest in California and besides some standard subharmonic PA issues the show was a complete success, see DUSTEDMAGAZINE.COM for a more pan-optic view of the fest. They will be ending their current tour with Black Dice starting OCT. 8th, check the Tour Section for more info. Shirts soon available. This record is housed in a beautiful embossed cover, with full color inserts and full color labels. Truly one of the handsomest records we have ever released. LIMITED WHITE VINYL ltd to 200 AVAILABLE FOR MAILORDER, GET EM SOON THEY WILL GO AWAY.

As we speak the records are on trucks and boats and trains and planes heading to a record store. Yes, Sept 14, 2020 is the release date! "EVIL CHAINS" is Battletorn's debut LP. This band is fast and serious- very serious-- false metal is bad...very bad. And while were at it, so are neon silkscreened shirts, kind of printed sideways-like. You know... Well this band is not any of those things, female fronted punk, NYC style not Los Angeles. You like old MDC or Agnostic Front? Well, we do...

Well the ALBUM is recorded and is being mixed with KYLE whom you may remember played on some Harvey Milks later material.. Well they've gone ahead and added him into the fold, to record a b-side for an upcoming 7"/45 what have you. This record is INSANE, or MENTAL whatever.. Its fucking rips seriously, this is a crowning achievement for a band that has achieved a lot of crowns already. The record is slated for a early 2006 release, to which they will play some shows around. Nothing is wrong with the recording. When we have some samples we will post them immediately, because you must here this. Shirts available In the store. But in select sizes only, because they are selling fast.

Currently writing songs and doing god knows what for their debut MEGABLADE record. Saw them play here with Glass Candy, This band was also mental. Imagine HAWKWIND and GONG and ATOMIC ROOSTER and maybe a little Wild Turkey with a dash CHICKEN SHACK minus the boogie and a little early NEU!... Oh and pinch of STARK NAKED and speed it up. Don't forget Sir Lord Baltimore, there's a little of that in there as well. 1972.

Playing shows, going to England to play like 2 shows and then heading out in search of America. The record is on its last legs, as in almost sold out forever. By the way, it is NOT the new record by Earth apparently.

DOUBLE TEN INCH is on the way. Look for O'Malley in SUNN, KHANATE both of which manage to play often. And look for Turner to be playing around 8 shows a day with his band ISIS. Speaking of Isis....

Live 2XLP housed in a lush gatefold sleeve for your listening pleasure... This record is at the plant. We are on our second set of test pressings as we speak. We are hoping for the best with this set of tests. But you know, test pressings are a crapshoot these days. Either way, this should be out for its November release date. We will keep you posted.

Special limited live record due out by the end of 2005. Brutal brutal brutal. Pounding pounding pounding... From Australia. Not sure of exact release date. But this is awesome. Check their other shit out on Relapse. The best band in Australia, after INXS (with their soon-to-be new singer. See TV for recent updates)