TMU is now on MYSPACE here. Be our buddy. Bear with us as we get the Myspace thing going.



Buy any 2 CDs, get ONE free. Buy any 5 CDs get THREE free. Buy any 10 CDs, get FIVE free!!!

Simply put your free CDs in the MESSAGE area of the Paypal order. This will end January 1, 2020.

Get these CDs and give them as gifts. CDs rule!!! The wave of the future.


We have snagged a very small amount of GROWING tapes for those who missed out. So now is your last chance. also, added some KILLER Hospital Productions LPs by Hair Police, Pedestrian Deposit and Roman Torment. These are VERY limited. Also added a super awesome 3xLP w/ 7" compilation on Wierd Records. One of the coolest comps I have ever seen. You seriously need to check this out.


Wow, those GROWING tapes came and went fast. If you missed the 12 hours they were available, we're sorry. We will be putting them on Itunes early 2007 so you can download them, and make your own tape! There are talks of another series of growing tapes limited to 20 copies each. (just kidding).

We will also be putting more exclusive stuff on Itunes. Keep your eyes peeled.

Ok, GRAVEYARDS 2xLPs are almost gone forever. Don't make the same mistake you did with the GROWING tapes. Next is the WOLF EYES 2xLP picture disk limited to 23 1/2 copies.

Also, MENEGUAR is almost done with the record, and the 7" is pretty much sold out. As is the LP version. They are laying low before they unleash their masterwork to the world.

Also, GLASS CANDY new 12" out in 3 months. CHROMATICS soon after that. Their NY shows were plagued by assholish soundguys with bad ponytails (they still exist). So... (thanks Don Hills and Studio B!!). Those shows were not as good as they could have been. There are no apologies for other peoples mistakes. The band did what they could with the shit they had handed to them. It's a shame. I have had it with this town. Wow, this is starting to read like a blog! New CHROMATICS songs have a lot of moody piano. Every new song sounds more insane than the last. Their progress is fascinating to me. Check them on their myspace. They let you download the songs for free. GLASS CANDY are also really intriguing to me. I cant wrap my head around where Johnny is coming from. His mind works like no other. They spent almost a week at my crib and we listened to a lot of shit. This man is like a musical sponge. Also, they are coming to the UK/Sweden next year- as soon as they get their passports. Also working on some remixes for their forthcoming tracks from some awesome dudes. Should be fun. Send GLASS CANDY all the info on health food spots in the UK via their Myspace.

HARVEY MILK 7" is also pretty much gone already. The white vinyl is dwindling down as well. They played a NYC show last week which served as practice for their Melvins gigs in Georgia. We decided to make it a free show for the kids. I figure its the only way to show my thanks for all the support we get on the message boards!

JOHN WIESE "Soft Punk" due out in Jan 2006. As well as a new HAIR POLICE 7". More info on that in a week. The new HAIR POLICE stuff sounds like 3 mental patients picked up a guitar and decided to release a record on TMU. I expect this record to break the Billboard Hot 100 the first week! The Wiese record is his first proper LP, believe it or not. We are proud of this fact. The cover art is awesome.

GROWING finished their record in Montreal. We will be releasing a ltd 12" a few months before the record. Maybe a picture disk? We will also make the music available digitally on Itunes. Check your local message board for all the wrong info.

Also, HATED news. I swear to god this is true. We are finishing up the music. This WILL be out in 2007. If it isn't out in 2007 we will eat YOUR hat.


GRAVEYARDS "Blues For The Night People" 2xLP out now. Mailorder only- 300 pressed. Not sold in stores. On red and green vinyl with recycled fucked-up Isis covers. Grab it fast or pay the piper (aka: Ebay) later. Part one of TMU's "vinyl is dead" series. It's funny, because the consensus these days is that vinyl is indeed NOT dead, and CDs are actually dead. The only thing we DO know is that noone is paying for music anymore! So anyway, we are now calling this the "rebirth of vinyl" series, or perhaps the "onslaught of digital" series... Yeah, we'll go with that one. Also, GROWING tapes VERY soon. Sheesh.


Everyone is waiting with baited breath for our CMJ plans!!! I keep getting asked, "Hey Mike, are you going to do a killer CMJ show with all the cool DJs and bands? Are you going to DJ your afterparty?? It's gonna be great, I cant wait!!!"

Here's our NYC CMJ schedule:

Fuck the music industry. And fuck you DJs as well.


New fall 2006 releases out now:

WARMER MILKS "Radish On Light" LP/CD. 1000 pressed. 200 yellow vinyl for mailorder only. 800 on black. One time pressing.

HARVEY MILK 2xLP/CD. 1000 pressed total. Double vinyl with heavy gatefold covers. We did 200 on white vinyl, 300 on red vinyl and 500 on black. One time pressing.

HARVEY MILK 7" - Special ltd edition 7". 500 pressed. We did 100 on white and 400 on black. One time pressing.

HARVEY MILK VINYL BUNDLE - Get both Harvey Milk vinyl releases and save a whole dollar. Bundles will get white vinyl while supplies last.


Hello. Been a long time. So in a few weeks we will have new WARMER MILKS and HARVEY MILK stuff for you. We are continuing in our "unlistenable bullshit" series of releases (*aka: all of them)...Haven't you all realized by now that we don't care what any of you think? There will never be another band as good as UNWOUND, so why bother even trying, right? Agreed.

In the meantime, huge new NON-TMU update. We also added more RELIGIOUS KNIVES tapes due to demand. This will be the last time you can get them.

TMU news:

HARVEY MILK's new record is seriously HEAVY. The low end damaged my speakers.

RELIGIOUS KNIVES is recording their TMU debut as we speak with Samara at Rare Book Room. They are now more song-based (believe it or not) and are a three piece featuring Nate from MOUTHUS on drums. We will be releasing some sort of 7" or 12" before the full length.

MENEGUAR are on tour as we speak. They are recording their TMU debut this fall. If this band doesn't win you over, what band will???

JOHN WIESE will be releasing his next full length with us. Just listened to it and it is totally damaged.

GRAVEYARDS 2xLP has experienced a pressing plant error (wrong music !!!, wtf??) so it is delayed a little while.

GROWING will be working on their new record up in Canada in the coming months. This will be a collaborative effort with accompanying movie. More info on this very complicated project soon.

PRURIENT has big plans.

BORIS record has complicated packaging (shocked??).. Give it some more time.

RAC-OOO-OOOOO-OOOO-N will be doing a record with TMU as well. They are great and we are very stoked. But you know that.

GLASS CANDY are hard at work on many things. One being a new 12" (or maybe 2??), as well as the finishing touches on their new record. They are going back out on tour with CHROMATICS again in one month. I have a sneaking feeling 2007 will be their year.

CHROMATICS is also working on their TMU debut along with Johnny from GLASS CANDY (who plays with the band live). The NITE 12" was a huge success. We are almost out of this record on vinyl so hurry up. It will not be repressed and these songs will n ever be available again.

WARMER MILKS new record out in about 2 weeks. And they are going on tour.

WOLF EYES 2xLP picture disk is at the plant. They are on tour all the time.

HAIR POLICE new LP/CD is almost ready. We are releasing a 7" as a single, since it is very radio friendly and we are hoping for heavy airplay.

VEGAS MARTYRS is finished with their TMU debut. A crushing, punishing record. Really.

LOTUS EATERS 2x10/CD is almost done. I have heard rumors that they are about "one or two art files away from completion"... Whatever that means.


TMU will be distributing Italians Do It better. The best new label in the world. The Ying to TMU's Yang. Myspace took down their site because there were fucking CURSE WORDS!!! Fuck myspace. IDIB will be releasing some mix CDs and edit 12"s by our very own Mike Simonetti as well as some other really insane stuff. Read more here.

Here's their new site:

Order the Jacques Renault CD in the meantime.


Anyway... Yeah..We have an offering for you this fine day- a new CDR on a hot new label called ITALIANS DO IT BETTER. This showed up at our door for distro purposes. It is a new mix CDR by DJ Jacques Renault. He is a dear friend of ours. If you liked the Crazy Rhythms CD you will want to get this thing. Almost 70 minutes of music in the dance vein- Italian disco, weird technoy shit, etc.. This is super cheap too, for the kids. The Italians Do It Better guys asked us to plug their myspace, so go here:

More soon...


While the label has some downtime between releases, we hooked you up with a HUUUGE update in the NON-TMU section. So get on it. This stuff will not be restocked. We tend to get this stuff only once, so order it fast!


We are cleaning out our stock room, as well as gathering some returns from back in the day. We found a bunch of stuff that was previously sold out:

PRURIENT 7" (a small amount left- this is in the store)
ERASE ERRATA "At Crystal Palace" LP GREEN VINYL (100 made) -email to reserve. 6 left- $15
DOUBLE LEOPARDS/MOUTHUS tour LP (email to reserve. 5 left) $17
PARADISE ISLAND 7" (Jenny of Erase Errata solo)- in store
TARA JANE O'NEIL 7" (in store)
RED RUMSEY 7" (Vern from Unwound solo) - in store
So hurry these won't last long.


Added a ton of stuff to NON-TMU. Very limited items on Rampart tapes, etc... New RELIGIOUS KNIVES release.. Also added the new GLASS CANDY tour CD. VERY limited quantities. Speaking of which, they totally obliterated NYC this weekend. Thanks for coming out. MENEGUAR red vinyl LPs are sold out. If you order the bundle you will get a black vinyl LP. Have a small handful of white vinyl 7"s. GROWING clear "Color Wheel" 2xLPs are gone. We have a repressing of HIS RETURN LP by GROWING on black marble.


Tons of stuff ready to go. All the stuff on the new update will not ship until May 25, but we are taking orders NOW. First and foremost, the MENEGUAR "Bury A Flower" 7" AND "I Was Born at Night" LP/CD are both ready. You will have a few options:

1. The records are available separately. All mailorder gets color vinyl. The LP was pressed 200 red and 800 black. The 7" was pressed 700 red and 300 white. We also snuck some white vinyls into stores. You can choose what color you want to order in the TMU store.

2. We are offering a MENEGUAR bundle as well. This will contain the LP, 7", shirt, and poster. All vinyl is color (white vinyl for the 7"). We only have 30 of these.

Don't worry, you don't have to buy the bundle to get the color vinyl. All color is first come first served though.


GROWING "Live KFJC 9/05" Cassette (Tapeblade). This is part three of the GROWING live series. Ltd to 100. This is the only place you can get these. They are not for sale on tour or with any distros. Parts 4 & 5 will be out by the end of Spring hopefully. 100 made, just like the last set.

Speaking of GROWING, we are sold out of clear vinyl COLOR WHEEL LPs, but you can get them if you see them on tour with Thrones NOW. If they have some left when they get back, we'll try to get some. Also, we have very little shirts left. We probably aren't going to make more of any of the designs in the store.

Also got some more cool NON-TMU items. We have the new Racoooooooon 12" on Fuck It Tapes in stock. 300 made. One of the best new bands out there. Future TMU releases forthcoming? You never know.... These will not last long so hurry. Highly recommended.

Check out GLASS CANDY and CHROMATICS on tour NOW. GLASS CANDY has a new tour CDR and over 50 different button designs (seriously). CHROMATICS is becoming the toast of the town as NITE seriously gathers some steam.

10lec6 "Join Us" 12"/CD out now.



We unearthed a few copies of the ISIS live 2xLP on WHITE VINYL. It is available only with the poster as the 2xLP/poster set. We had these on hold for people who flaked out, and we gave up on them ever ordering. If you want it, go to the TMU store and order it as BLACK VINYL WITH POSTER and make sure you mention you want the WHITE vinyl in the message area. If it sells out you will get a refund. Limited # available.



10lec6 "Join Us" 12"/CD is in the STORE. Get this fast. Both formats are limited to 1000. This is a repress of their debut 7", which is now sold out. Check them out in the MP3 section. One of our favorite bands currently as well. UK people, Glass Candy, Chromatics and 10lec6 will be playing together in the fall of 2006. Be prepared.

Also got in a killer 2xLP featuring Double Leopards, Mouthus and Sunroof. Jump on these quick you sickos.


CHROMATICS "Nite" 12"/CDEP out NOW!!! Vinyl limited to 1000 copies and will not be repressed. Mailorder gets white vinyl (200 made). Cd is limited to 2000 and will not be repressed. Same songs on both formats. Their best work by far.

NON TMU update:

All the Heavy Tapes vinyl is gone, except for 3 or 4 Workbench 12"s, so jump on them now. Also, we added a HUGE update of NON TMU stuff yet again. This time some Heavy Tapes cassettes, some super limited Hospital vinyl and CDs, and other killer stuff. Order fast! They will definitely not last!

GROWING clear vinyl is pretty much all gone. We have a handful left. Same with the shirts.

Also, TMU mailorder will be closed for one week starting April 13, but the webstore will still be open, so expect a week or so delay in mailorders orders. Feel free to order though. If you want your stuff shipped before April 13, try to get your mailorders in by the 11th or 12th. This will guarantee they will go out in time.




Some TMU news. We will be releasing a new MENEGUAR 7" entitled "Bury A Flower" next month with two exclusive brand new songs the band recorded in their APT right before they left for tour. These songs are brilliant, and you may recognize them from when you see them live. Speaking of which- they are out now on tour, go see them. The "I Was Born At Night" LP/CD will be out 06/06/06. Remastered/remixed and even re-recorded parts...

GROWING'S masterwork "Color Wheel" hits the streets April 11, 2020. But you can order it from us NOW. We have a few clear vinyl left for the vinyl fans. We also have plenty CDs pressed on silver plastic. These are not limited. Look out for a GROWING/THRONES tour this spring. Yikes, that's gonna be KILLER.

Tmu is also releasing the debut LP/CD by the Kentucky powerhouse WARMER MILKS. We hope to have it out by the mid summer. Check out their site. WARMER MILKS are doing some dates with Bonnie Prince Billy this spring, so look out for them. My friend called them a "noisy aggro/psych band." Yeah that sounds about right. Sorta??? Huh? Oops!

CHROMATICS "Nite" is out in a few weeks as well. The songs are AWESOME. Johnny from GLASS CANDY produced them, and if you know the direction this guy is going in, you know it's genius. Every time this guy does a new song I get VERY excited, and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. He never disappoints. And the partnership/chemistry between Adam of the CHROMATICS and Johnny is perfect. My favorite song on the NITE EP is the vocoder song. The name escapes me now (its 5am)... But whenever I play it out people lose their minds. This record is AMAZING.

GLASS CANDY are working on a bunch of stuff too. A few new singles, the long awaited record, some videos, a HUGE tour of the US and UK. Tons of shit. Some of the stuff in the works for GLASS CANDY will blow you away. I think 2006 may be Johnny's year. I know I sweat this guy a lot, but trust me, it's well deserved. He's building up something that will totally blow us all away.

10lec6 records will be here in a few weeks as well. A French band who reminds us of Crass meets Essential Logic meets Nausea maybe? This band is awesome, like nothing we have ever released before. A total pleasure and breath of fresh air. This record is LTD so don't sleep on it... By the way, they are pronounced "Dis-leck-sicks"...

TMU is also releasing a series of vinyl only records to commemorate the death of vinyl. The first one will be a BORIS w/ MERZBOW LP. This is totally different than the Hydrahead release. Part 2 will be a 2xLP by GRAVEYARDS (stenciled over the fucked up ISIS covers). Part 3 will be a WOLF EYES 2xLP, Part 4 is in the planning stages and will be awesome too. Let's just say it involves a certain bearded teacher from Brooklyn.

We will also be reissuing 2 old SKATERS releases on VINYL only. More info on that soon. And after that will be a record of new material. More info on that soon. We are getting the art together on the vinyl now. They will be released together.

TMU is also releasing the EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE LP on CD. We are super excited about this as it was one of our favorite records of last year. Speaking of HAIR POLICE, they are recording their next record for TMU, and if Connelly can pry himself from Howard 100 they may even go on tour.

The HARVEY MILK record is DONE. The art is 90% done. Listen, I am going to be honest when I say this- this may be the heaviest record we have ever released. And I donšt mean "heavy" musically. I mean "heavy" mentally. This is some deep shit man. SERIOUS stuff here. Don't get us wrong, it's REALLY heavy musically, but the lyrics are really into it, man. SERIOUSLY. When I first listened to this record I felt like I was reading someones diary or something. It was like "I shouldn't be hearing this stuff..."

Those of you dumb enough to go to SXSW missed out on possibly the best weekend of music I have ever witnessed: NoFunFest. I've been to many many festivals in my 56 long years on the planet. I've seen the Faint and Bright Eyes open for The Red Scare at Columbus fest... I've seen Unwound play the best set of their lives at CMJ. I've seen Gorilla Biscuits first show at CBGB and I sang along with Project X at the Lismar Lounge. But NOTHING compares to the caliber of bands and people that were at No Fun Fest this year. Sorry. Carlos Giffoni deserves a HUGE sandwich and exotic wine feast for what he done for us.

Playlist: Kelis new haircut


GROWING "Color Wheel" available for mailorder on 2xLP and CD. We are also offering a shirt/poster/record bundle for you. All shirt orders get clear vinyl (200 pressed). The shirts are a 4-color printing job on white shirts. The posters are 11"x17" and are shipped folded. These are the Growing tour posters. We are also offering the record alone on clear vinyl (ONE PER CUSTOMER). If you order more than one you will get black vinyl.

Also, due to demand, we made a few ISIS posters for sale without the record. It looks a little different.. We only made a few so order fast. It's in the poster section. silkscreened - 4 colors.

We also added TONS of new NON-TMU stuff from NO FUN FEST. Hurry up ,these will sell fast! Tons of Heavy Tapes stuff.


****New TMU distributed item:

WOLF EYES "River Slaughter" 2xLP is available for mailorder from TMU. This is released on Hospital Productions, which is run by Dominic from Prurient. Double LP with screened covers by Neil Burke.

There is no limit per customer, so order as many as you want. These will sell out fast. By the way, this is the same price as Hospital is selling them. We are helping them out since they felt a lot of orders coming in. These will ship Monday.


Added a bunch of stuff to NON-TMU. A lot of stuff that is now out of print. Added restocks on the Woods 7" and Meneguar tapes due to high demand... Added some killer Fuck It Tapes stuff as well...added Growing 2xLP on Animal Disguise on color vinyl. Buy it all!


All ISIS white vinyl are gone for good. Black vinyl is almost gone as well.


Hi. White vinyl ISIS are still available!!! There was a glitch in our computer system. So all orders will get white vinyl (even those who ordered black vinyl). Hope that makes everyone happy.


The ISIS "Live" 2xLPs are available for mailorder. There are three different versions of this record. The standard black vinyl WITHOUT poster, the white vinyl WITHOUT poster and white vinyl WITH poster. The poster 12" x 24" and is 3 colors, printed by Andrew and Sara and designed by Dennis Spina. Check out the white vinyl HERE. Check out the poster design HERE and a closeup HERE. There are a hundred posters made, and we have 70 available. The record will not be repressed. One white vinyl per customer. No limit on the black vinyl- go crazy. The record and poster ship separately, because the poster ships in a tube.


The GROWING tapes are sold out. This website may have some though:

Speaking of GROWING, "Color Wheel" is in production. It will be a gatefold double LP/CD type release. We will have an MP3 up shortly. This record is AWESOME. It is leaps and bounds ahead of anything they have ever done. Seriously. We will have some ltd color vinyl/ poster or shirt deal as well, most likely. The GROWINGshirts we have in the store are going VERY fast, so hurry up. These will never be reprinted.

MENEGUARs "I Was Born At Night" reissue is finished and is getting pressed. Re-recorded parts and remastered entirely with new artwork. We are shooting for a June 6 release date. Yeah 6.6.6. The band is going to tour a lot.

10lec6 (pronounced "Dis-lec-six") 12"/CD entitled "Join Us" scheduled for a May 9 release date. This will be limited to 1000 copies for each format, so hurry and get this before it sells out. Fans of Crass, Lora Logic, and more Crass will definitely want this. This band blew us away when we heard them. Look out for an MP3 on the tmu site, or check out their myspace page:

CHROMATICS "Nite" 12"/CD will be ready for mailorder on May 9 as well. This contains the instrumental and a capella versions, as well as 2 exclusive tracks. Production by Johnny from GLASS CANDY, who is poised to become the next Kanye West, but good.

HARVEY MILK finished their record for MEGABLADE. We are shooting for a June or July release date. Not sure yet. Anyone want to set up some shows for them? Contact us...

More... Soon...
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GROWING "Live Series" VOL 1 & VOL 2 cassettes. These were released by the band in an edition of 100. This is part of an ongoing series to document some of Growing's live sets over the years. Each tape is hand numbered and written, and is packaged with original artwork/photographs by Joe and Kevin. These are on professionally manufactured tapes. Sound quality on these tapes is excellent. This is the only place you can get them, so act fast. They will never be repressed. Each tape has a different photograph-as-artwork as well, making each one unique.


The new TMU store is finally up and running. Thank Max and Leo for this... We now offer Airmail, Surface, First Class, and Media shipping options. And we offer exact rates for overseas shipping as well. Thanks for putting up with us while we did this. We also have a new NON-TMU CD on ARCHIVE CD that is sure to sell out immediately. So get it fast.


Hi. Huge JOHN WIESE related update in the NON-TMU section. Also a lot of other NON-TMU stuff. Also added GROWING t-shirts that were left over from their tour. We only have certain sizes- sorry! Check the TMU myspace page for a new GLASS CANDY demo and a remastered/remixed/redone MENEGUAR song from the upcoming reissue of "I Was Born At Night"...ISIS 2xLPs should be ready for mailorder in 2 weeks. Bigger label update coming soon. Just wanted to get the New Years update out.

ALSO, look below at the green diamonds for a new section entitled "TOP 10 OF 2005". We asked some of our friends to list their top 10's of the year.

AND we will have a revamped STORE coming your way before the end of JAN. Sorry this took so long. This store will be MUCH easier to understand, especially for overseas people- and it will offer many more shipping options. This will be available for the ISIS live 2xLPs.

Playlist: Brokeback Mountain

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TMU wins New York magazine's best label of 2005 award. Congrats to "new" owner Mike Simonetti!!

Best Label
Troubleman Unlimited
Once a reliable hard-core seven-inch label, Troubleman's main currency is new owner Mike Simonetti's restlessness. In recent months, he's tackled art-metal (Growing), freak-folk (Devendra Banhart and Jana Hunter), and spazzy no-wave (Glass Candy's cover of "Iko Iko"). Every small scene needs an incubator, even if everyone chooses the same one."



Devendra Banhart (pretty much every category)

Hair Police
Wooden Wand

Go to and vote for us!!!!


Hi. Unfortunately, due to a printing problem, the ISIS live 2xLP is not shipping today as planned. It will be delayed a few weeks while we sort it out and get it redone the right way. We are very sorry to spring this on you since I know a lot of you were waiting. We will have more news for you in a few days.

Meanwhile, we are happy to say the WOODEN WAND "The Flood" LP vinyl is here and ready for mailorder. 1000 pressed. This is their best one to date. It's seriously awesome. We are adding new MP3s this week as well. Look for exclusive MP3s on our myspace page as well.

GROWING finished their record. Check out some pictures of them in the studio HERE (Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4).

We also have just received the CHROMATICS music and art for the NITE 12". We are aiming to have it ready for March 2006.

Three new posters in the store. An awesome GLASS CANDY poster we dug up from earlier this year. Also an awesome screened CHROMATICS tour poster done by the band for their current tour. And those WOODEN WAND posters we promised. We are offering a poster/LP set for those of you who want them. That is in the store.

Also added a bunch of rad NON-TMU items that are sure to sell out fast.

Til next time.
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All typos intentional. Lol/

TMU fires mailorder staff. From now on we will get your stuff out faster. New and improved. It was DOOOOMED to happen.

Cool new stuff in NON-TMU by CHROMATICS (new tour demo!), Fuck It Tapes stuff (Meneguar tape!), as well as an awesome comp... Also we have a killer WOODEN WAND 2-poster set for hella cheap!

DOUBLE LEOPARDS "A Hole Is True" vinyl is flying out of our lives and into you hearts. Hurry, it is almost gone.

CURRITUCK CO. out on tour supporting Antony. Go support CURRITUCK CO. if you can scalp a ticket to the shows.

We are working on the 10lec6 7" (pronounced "Dislecsics") repress as we speak.

GLASS CANDY has some new tracks on their myspace page. Go there to check it out, and be their friend. They are working on their new record now. We will tease you with a new 12". Don't forget, all these GLASS CANDY 12"s are ltd, so act fast.

From there, link to the CHROMATICS page to check out some new songs from their upcoming NITE 12" for TMU, followed by their new LP/CD for TMU. CHROMATICS are on tour now. Catch them and see them live and pick up their new tour CDR. If you can't make it out to their show, we have some CDRs for you over here.

CHARIOTS video is up on their myspace page here:

Vote for them up there as they are up for a killer Fuse contest.

MENEGUAR are hard at work remixing and remastering their debut EP with Nicolas at Rare Book Room in NYC. We hope to have the newly fixed up record out in early 2005 on both vinyl and CD formats. They will then go into the studio and record their debut LP/CD.
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Speaking of which, WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE "The Flood" is out now. There was a glitch with the video on the CD but we are fixing it. Email us if you have problems and we will fix it for you. The LP version will be here soon. So hold off if you are waiting for vinyl.

GROWING just finished up their next album up in Canada with the Godspeed dudes. I am going to get the music tomorrow and hopefully get a song up on the site immediately. Expect insane packaging as well. We will also have some photos from the session up on the site.

HARVEY MILK is finishing up the recording of their record as well... They had some last minute altering to do.

EX MODELS are on tour as we speak supporting Chrome Panthers. Go see them and buy their stuff...

PRURIENT 7" is almost gone.

BATTLETORN is booking a tour as we speak. Anyone want them to play at their house, email us and we will forward it to the band.

ISIS live record is in production after a few test pressing snafus. More info on a release date soon.

JANA HUNTER'S new album out on Devendra's GNOMONSONG label. Go buy that shit now. Check out Dev on tour as well.

LOTUS EATERS 2x10"/CD is in the works still O'Malley's a busy dude. But he works hard. Buy him a beer when you see him.


WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE "The Flood" cd out now! Vinyl is out in 2-4 weeks. So hold off if you want the vinyl. A brand new recording. A beautiful masterpiece of a record.


We got a good title for you: machines ā sous

WOLF EYES/PRURIENT CD on Hospital in the NON-TMU section of the STORE. It's limited, so hurry. We may be one of the only spots to get it....

Go here to hear Mike/TMU play dance music and talk shit on Madonna on Tim Sweeneys radio show:

You can download it and shit...



DOUBLE LEOPARDS "A Hole Is True" LP/CD. Available in the STORE. 1000 LPs pressed.


PRURIENT "Church Of Ammunition" 7" out now. One of the most intense releases in our recent memory. 500 made. Will sell out yesterday. Other stuff in the NON-TMU section of the STORE as well.

Also, Dennis told me to tell you that TMU now has most of the catalog on Itunes so you can LEGALLY download the stuff...

More news forthcoming.

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New demos on the CHROMATICS MYSPACE page. The song NITE is most likely going to be the next TMU single. These are rough demos produced by Johnny from GLASS CANDY, so some of them are rougher than others. Listen to the song NITE here:


Added an MP3 from the upcoming HARVEY MILK 2xLP/CD on MEGABLADE.