TMU decided to give me a series, because I always try to get them to put certain things out. I had 4 bands in mind for this: Zs, Et At It, Touchdown, Wikkid, and Pithot. But Et At It decided to do other things, and the future of Pithot is unknown. So Zs, Wikkid, and Touchdown are them for now.


TMU 142 Behold...The Arctopus "Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning" CD
The instrumental trio comprised of guitar, drums and touch guitar (a 12 string instrument played primarily by tapping that covers the range of guitar and bass), plays intensely virtuosic and complex progressive metal with avant-garde leanings that completely avoids sounding dated or cliche. They combine the furious virtuosity of tech metal, the improvised soloing of jazz, and certain writing techniques of contemporary classical music to give their insanity a compositional cohesion rarely heard in rock music. Despite their technical nature, they always rock hard and in an engaging way that's as accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike. They are a true metal band that everyone can enjoy, not just the "kvlt" headbangers.
- Alex Nagle


Troubleman is proud to announce the debut CD by the NYC band Zs. This release is also the debut release from the VOTHOC series, which is curated by Mick Barr from ORTHRELM. It will showcase the current crop of amazing unknown bands circulating throughout the area. All these CDs are pressed in a limited edition of 800 copies. Zs' sound ranges from loud virtuosic prog-rock counterpoint to barely audible breathing sounds. They have been described as "brutal chamber music". Their sound is very hard to pin down. Math rock rhythms, insane time signatures, over the top melodies...it's all here. Fans of other Troubleman bands like ABCS, ORTHRELM or older bands like MAGMA will not be disappointed. A true original.