Harvey Milk

"Special Wishes" LP/CD

It's been a long time since Harvey Milk has released new material. This record has been a labor of love, especially for Dennis since he did all the legwork. Recorded part in Brooklyn, scrapped and then re-recorded down in Georgia, this record is seriously heavy. And I don't mean "heavy" musically (even though it is VERY heavy musically). I mean "heavy" in every way possible. This record is years and years of hard living put to vinyl. It is like reading a diary of a man's hard times. Songs about love, divorce, loss, America, anger... I heard someone say they felt like they were reading a diary. It's like this record should even exist for you to hear. So, you should all feel special that you are able to own this record. Deluxe gatefold designed by Dennis Spina. Dedicated to Mother Earth, Sweet Sweet Music and Male Confidence.

1000 pressed
(200 red)
(100 white)
(700 black)